Made up of the hamlets of Woodhouses, Waterhouses, Littlemoss, Audenshaw, Medlock Vale and Hooley Hill.

The heart of the old village of Audenshaw, which lay at the T-junction between the road from Denton to Ashton and the turnpike from Manchester to Ashton now lies underneath the three reservoirs which dominate the area and were built between 1877 and 1882 to supply Manchester with water.

The old village by all accounts was pretty, Butterworth would describe it “as a very populous village with a population of around fifteen hundred” with its Red Chapel one of the primary centres for Methodism in the region.

In 1875 Manchester acquired the Parliamentary powers to construct five reservoirs in Audenshaw which would involve the flooding of 250 acres to the south of Audenshaw Road, including Red Hall Mansion and Chapel.

The new Red Hall Chapel was built and would stand until 2007 when it was also demolished to be replaced by the New Trinity Church, formed from an amalgamation of the three churches in the town. A commemorative stone was laid opposite the new church which stands today on the site of the second Red Hall Chapel.





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