A principally agricultural and rural area, part of the parish of Eccles,  until well into the […]
Named from the “the Booths”, derived from the name given to the huts that housed the […]
Lying on the bend of the River Irwell, Ordsall was part of the Demense of the […]
Swinton which belonged to Whalley Abbey during early the middle aged was an agricultural area until […]
Named after Edward Ryley Langworthy, industrialist, Mayor of Salford and briefly its MP, this part of […]
One of the satellite Towns outside the boundaries of Salford, it was chosen to rehouse people […]
Cadishead, shares much of its history with Irlam, a little village with fourteen houses grouped around […]
The village of Irwelham, meaning village on the Irwell, lay between Chat Moss and the Rivers […]
Most famous for its Swing Aqueduct which was constructed between 1890 and 1894 to replace Brindley’s stone […]
The starting point of the Bridgewater Canal which took coal from the Duke’s coal mines to […]