This North Manchester village, first mentioned in 1291 and famous as the birthplace of Hugh Oldham, […]
This report from 1931 The Rochdale Canal was bordered by either warehouses or factories. Industries included cotton,chemicals […]
What was little more than a marshland at the beginning of the nineteenth century would be […]
The origin of its name is uncertain maybe from withes or willows so it could be […]
The origin of the name Moston probably goes back to Anglo Saxon times, Mostun, Mos, a […]
First mentioned in 1533 as part of the estates of the Trafford’s and so named as […]
One origin of its name is said by legend to date from 1745 when a commander […]
The origins of the name Hulme comes from the Norse Holme which means an islet and […]
Around 1300, William grandson of Houlet of ‘Mancestre’ granted to Jordan, son of William of Fallafeld […]
Often referred to as Manchester’s ideal suburb, birthplace of the idea of the Ship Canal and […]