Named from the “the Booths”, derived from the name given to the huts that housed the manor herdsmen, its origins go back to Roman times with a hoard of coins dated 289 – 296 A.D. was found at Boothsbank in 1989.

Modern Day Boothstown lay on the Roman Road heading North West. Part of the Manor of Worsley,  Henry de Worsley of Worsley gave a share in the estate of Booths to Robert in 1323, his son by his second wife. He built Booths Old Hall around 1343. It would stay as a seperate estate until 1836 when the Egerton’s purchased it from Robert Haldane Bradshaw.

This was a mining area by the mid eighteenth century, Cookes Meadow Pit opened around 1760 and Boothstown was connected to the Bridgewater canal in 1795.

The deep pit of Mosley Common Colliery opened in 1860 while textiles had arrived forty years earlier, Mr Smith building a small cotton mill in Boothstown Delph, later the firm of William Yates produced the finest quality cotton from 1875 and would remain open until the 1960’s



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