As one nineteenth century writer noted, the glamour in which the skill of Harrison Ainsworth has […]
On the 12th June 1656, there was a funeral procession at Westminster Abbey.  Four regiments of […]
John Bradford was born in 1510 and educated at Manchester Grammar School where he showed considerable […]
Gossypium, the cotton genus, belongs in the world of botanics to the tribe Gossypieae part of […]
John Dee arrived in Manchester on Monday afternoon, February 15, 1596, and took up his abode […]
As Defoe would write of Manchester in the late 17th century, says T.S Wilham in his […]
We know the name Mosley today from one of Manchester’s main streets, (once a Metrolink stop) […]
John Leland was probably the first to write about Manchester. He became Librarian to Henry VIII […]
Manchester’s Grammar School spent four centuries alongside the Collegiate in Long Millgate; the road that led […]
“Upon Salford Bridge, I turned my horse again My son George by the hand I hent […]