Part of the East Manchester industrial conurbation, Beswick housing was cleared after the second world war […]
Remaining rural until the 1930’s, this North Manchester village, its name literally meaning  the clearing in […]
Manchester’s first overspill town, built on land purchased across the Mersey in Cheshire by the City […]
Journalist and publisher Joseph Aston was to describe Ardwick as “one of the best built and […]
If one area sums up the diversity of Manchester it is Gorton.  Centre for heavy industry […]
From being part of the rural township on the edge of Manchester, the opening of Oxford […]
First mentioned in the 13th century, its origins are obscure, but it remained a small hamlet […]
The first mention of the village of Cheetham, or as it has been mentioned in various […]
This North Manchester village, first mentioned in 1291 and famous as the birthplace of Hugh Oldham, […]
This report from 1931 The Rochdale Canal was bordered by either warehouses or factories. Industries included cotton,chemicals […]