Deansgate is Manchester’s most ancient thoroughfare, a Roman Road which began in Chester and crossed the Pennines to York with the ancient fort of Castlefield standing at its intersection.

The street is shown on the first map of Manchester dated from 1650, its long thoroughfare following a line parallel to the river.By the mid 1860’s Deansgate was a narrow thoroughfare no more than thirty feet wide with forty licensed houses, sixteen on one side of the road and twenty four on the other and the clatter of clogs in the early morning as people made their way to the cotton waste warehouse, now the Barton Arcade.

Shopping has always though been in its blood, a draper store on the corner of Parsonage would become the The Harrods of the North, Kendall Milne, Elegant hotels and shopping arcades soon followed, it was the place to be seen shopping in Manchester.